Peanut Sundal | Verkadalai Sundal

Peanut Sundal | Verkadalai Sundal recipe for Navaratri

Navaratri is coming soon, people make different varieties of Sundal as Neivedyam for Kolu. I am planning to post some easy types of sundal recipes here. In that line, Peanut Sundal | Verkadalai Sundal recipe is the first one. It’s very easy to make and it requires only very basic ingredients. If possible use fresh […]

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Beetroot Fry | Beetroot Poriyal Recipe

Beetroot Fry | Beetroot Poriyal recipe

Beetroots is loaded with nutrients like iron, copper, potassium and magnesium. The beetroot is the taproot of the beet plant. The beets are usually red. This can largely be attributed to beta-lain, a pigment that beets contain. The beetroot is low in fat, decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease and promotes a healthy hair, energy, and overall lower weight. […]

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Tempering Spices (Tadka)

Tempering Spices (Tadka) – What are they and why do we use them.

When I was new to cooking, I always wondered why do we temper spices before cooking and sometimes after cooking. I also had some questions like what spices should be used and how it should be used? Does it make any difference in taste and flavor? For such questions, I found some answers and understood […]

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Spinach Paratha | Palak Chapati | Palak Paratha Recipe

Spinach Paratha | Palak Chapati | Palak Paratha recipe

This Spinach Paratha is a very healthy one. People who are not very fond of Spinach would definitely like this paratha especially kids. This dish is perfect for breakfast and lunch box. I am not sure about the scientific reason behind why palak shouldn’t be consumed in the night. But I heard about some facts […]

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