About Me

Hi all! Welcome to my space. This blog is completely about my organic interests and activities. Initially I was a Software programmer. Later I was craving for my organic interest which took me into lots of interesting things like cooking, baking, puzzles, arts and craft related items. Hope […]

This summer vacation 2017

Dear Fabulous Bloggers! It’s been more than a month, I took a big summer vacation. It’s nice to spend some time with family members and friends. I actually recharged my energy back and learned few things as well. Now I feel fresh and very much alive. In India summer […]

Nomination : Mystery Blogger Award

On my return from vacation and catching up with fellow bloggers’ awesome posts,  I found your nomination for Mystery blogger award awaiting me Pia. I was really surprised and very happy that you considered my blog as encouraging and inspiring. Thank you so much Pia for a pleasant surprise. […]

Paneer Butter Masala Recipe

Every one loves paneer, especially Indian vegetarians prefers paneer as a side dish for Indian Bread items (roti, chapati, etc.,) The mot famous paneer gravy dish is a paneer butter masala. This recipe is quite simple. It has both sweet and mild spice taste. Ingredients: Fresh paneer – 250 […]

TAGS Week – The Blue Sky TAG

Dear Fabulous Bloggers! Here comes one more tag “The Blue Sky Tag“, I have been tagged by two wonderful bloggers Aditi Singh and Kelley. It’s so much fun to get to know each other with these tags. Thank you Aditi and Kelley for that opportunity. Both are outstanding […]