Yam Fry | Karunai Kilangu | Senai Kilangu Fry Recipe

Yam Fry | Karunai Kilangu | Senai Kilangu Fry recipe

Yam (Karunai Kilangu or Senai Kilangu in Tamil) has numerous health benefits. There are so many ways people prepare this fry. I tried one of the South Indian specials. It’s rich in fiber, reduces bad cholesterol level and increases good cholesterol levels. It’s low in fat, hence helps in weight loss as well and many […]

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Pudina Chutney – Mint Leaves Chutney Recipe

Pudina Chutney – Easy Mint leaves chutney recipe

Pudina or Mint leaves chutney is prepared with garlic and other spices. The color and flavor of the chutney go well with Idli and Dosa for breakfast. The yummy and slight tangy taste will definitely leave you very satisfied. Whenever we prepare this chutney at home. People always ask for one more dosa or idli than […]

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Puthina Rice (Mint Rice) Recipe

Pudina Rice (Mint Rice) Recipe

Mint leaves have lots of incredible health benefits. We use mint leaves to prepare chutney, side dish, raita, biriyanis and for flavored rice varieties as well. It’s good for digestion, prevents respiratory issues, reduces depression and helps to lose weight. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties help to improve skin and overall. Everyone in my […]

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Ajwain And Jeera (Carom & Cumin Seeds) Water – Detox

Ajwain and Jeera (Carom & Cumin Seeds) Water – Detox

As we all know that detoxification is very important for a human body. There are certain methods available to remove the toxic elements from the body. One wonderful way is drink. A simple drink in the morning on an empty stomach can solve many issues and leads to a healthy lifestyle. There are different detoxing drinks […]

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