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Significance of Pooja Items

Pooja Items and their Significance

Pooja is the common term for the Hindu ritual worship. There are different types in Pooja. One is Nitya pooja (Daily Pooja) and another one is Naimittika Pooja (Special Occasion Pooja). Most of the Hindus perform Nitya Pooja at home everyday. It is the simplest way to express our gratitude […]

This summer vacation 2017

Dear Fabulous Bloggers! It’s been more than a month, I took a big summer vacation. It’s nice to spend some time with family members and friends. I actually recharged my energy back and learned few things as well. Now I feel fresh and very much alive. In India summer […]

Did I miss myself today?

Busy day, Busy family, Busy Friends, Busy neighbors, Busy World.. Alarm rings for the third time.. I wake up, the time is 6.15 AM. Oh my gosh, It’s already late. Today I missed my exercise time and yoga. Suddenly I gather my thoughts on quick check list of […]

Naivedyam (offering to God)

What is Naivedyam and why do we offer to God. India is known for diversity and culture. Different religious people live in India. In Hinduism, when we pray god on some auspicious day, we offer some food as naivedyam to god. Naivedyam could be in any form not […]