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Kadai Mushroom Gravy Recipe

Kadai Mushroom Gravy Recipe

Kadai Mushroom Gravy is very popular in Indian Cuisine. This dish is prepared in Kadai, hence the name of the recipe. I have used home made spice masala to prepare this recipe, that would give you the real authentic Indian gravy taste. I have used button mushrooms here, […]

Dry Mushroom Manchurian Recipe

Dry Mushroom Manchurian would go well as a Starter or appetizer. This is a kind of Indochinese recipe. People who like Mushroom would definitely love this recipe. This could be a great side dish for Veg Fried rice or Biriyanis. I have added tomato sauce. But it tastes […]

Mushroom Stir Fry Recipe

We all knew Mushroom has lots of health benefits. The Standard name “Mushroom” came from the white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus; There are different kinds of Mushrooms available, Edible Mushrooms, Toxic Mushrooms, Psychoactive mushrooms and  Medicinal mushrooms. If you are more interested in this topic, here is your wiki link  I […]

Mushroom rice with home made spice masala

Mushroom Rice Recipe (with Home made Spices)

Technically Mushroom is not exactly a plant, it belongs to natural-grown eatable fungi kingdom and provides lots of health benefits. In ancient Egypt, Mushrooms are reserved for royalty and in ancient Roman, it is considered as provide strength to warriors. It prevents cancer, diabetes, boost immune system, dietary […]