Pudina Chutney – Mint Leaves Chutney Recipe

Pudina Chutney – Easy Mint leaves chutney recipe

Pudina or Mint leaves chutney is prepared with garlic and other spices. The color and flavor of the chutney go well with Idli and Dosa for breakfast. The yummy and slight tangy taste will definitely leave you very satisfied. Whenever we prepare this chutney at home. People always ask for one more dosa or idli than […]

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Curry leaves | Kadi patta chutney recipe

We (Indians) use curry leaves in almost all food items, commonly used as seasoning. It’s packed with numerous health benefits. It’s good for hair, skin, heart and fight infections. It helps to improve digestion and reduce bad cholesterol. I add this to all curries and vegetable stir fry items. People who live in a rural area, […]

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