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Calories !! – Part 3

Calories in South Indian Breakfast food items Breakfast is very important to every person, we should never skip that, some people like light and some like heavy breakfast. In my family we used to make medium level spread like one or two main items with side dishes . Generally South Indian Breakfasts are heavy due to the amount of Oil …

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Calories !! – Part 2

Calories in Fruits and Snacks It’s a continuation to “Calories !! Do you know about this. If not, consider this !! Part 1” post. Here I tried to collect some fruits and snack Calories and it break downs. Healthy snack items Calories Carbohydrates Protein Fat Dietary Fiber 10 Almonds 70 3 g 3 g 6 g 1 …

Calorie Chart

Calories !! – Part 1

Do you know about Calories. If not, consider this !! Calories !! We all see about this and its breakdown in all packaged food and beverage products. In the beginning I used to wonder, what it is and how many of us really check and consider this. I would like to share some info about Calories and amount …