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Category: Baking

Egg less Honey Cake Recipe

Egg-less Honey Cake Recipe

Egg-less Honey Cake Recipe – Bakery style honey cake without egg. This cake is one of my favorites in school and college days, Most people in my friends circle used to […]

Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe

Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe

Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe – Super soft and moist cake with beautiful zebra pattern. First, I must say thanks to Poonam for the wonderful recipe of how to […]

Whole Wheat Banana Cake Recipe

Egg less Wheat Banana Cake Recipe

Egg-less Wheat Banana Cake Recipe – Complete healthy cake, perfect for tea time. Usually, the popular Banana Cake is prepared with plain flour, refined cane sugar, butter and nuts.  I […]

Egg-less Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Egg-less Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Cookies are the best thing when it comes to kids snack. They always need something to munch with milk, if it’s related to chocolate flavor. They just love it. Here […]