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Category: Arts & Craft

How Drawing helps to improve your Mental Health

Life is so busy, Everyone around us, including myself, is constantly chasing something, like dreams, work, money, material things, peace, love, people, happiness, acceptance and many more. People say “Stop […]

Margazhi Kolam 2018

Margazhi Kolam or Rangoli Designs 2018

I explained about the facts and reasons in my previous article why Margazhi month Kolam or Rangoli is practiced as tradition in Tamil Nadu. In my family we follow this […]

Kolam (Rangoli) to bring good luck

Rangoli is an art, in which patterns are created on the front of the house entrance floor or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry rice flour, colored sand or flower […]

Best out of waste – Flower vase

We talk about this a lot nowadays, how to reuse or recycle the used product. I consider or see this concept in two ways. One way we are creating an […]