Uppu Seedai Recipe

Uppu Seedai Recipe (Crispy Rice flour Balls)

Uppu Seedai Recipe – It’s a traditional recipe prepared on special occasions like Janamashtami or Gokulashtami for Lord Krishna. Some people call it as Cheedai also, It depends on the region. This recipe is very famous in South India. There are many versions available, they are Vella Seedai, Uppu Seedai and Pepper Seedai. This recipe is like passing […]

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Chocolate Palkova | Cocoa Milk Sweet

Chocolate Palkova Recipe | Cocoa Milk Sweet Recipe

Chocolate Palkova Recipe – the delicious Palkova (Milk Sweet) with cocoa flavor. I like sweets and actually nobody in my family says NO to sweets. My mom prepares different varieties always. One of my favorite sweets is Palkova. Some people call it as Milk Peda or Thiratipal. It has different names based on region. This time I wanted to try this […]

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Ragi Dosa (Finger Millet Dosa) Recipe

Crispy Ragi Dosa Recipe (Ragi flour with fermented batter)

Ragi is known as Finger Millet. Ragi is a whole grain and it is gluten free. This grain actually originated from Africa. It is rich in calcium and fiber, which helps with weight loss and controlling diabetes. It’s good for the skin and the presence of antioxidants helps with fighting anxiety and depression. I made this recipe with ragi flour. […]

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