Chettinadu | Kongu Thakkali Kulambu (Tomato Curry Recipe)

Chettinadu | Kongu Thakkali Kulambu (Tomato Curry) Recipe

Chettinadu | Kongu Thakkali Kulambu – It’s basically a South Indian especially Tamilnadu style Tomato Curry. It has a unique flavour and taste when compared to other tomato gravies. My mom makes it quite often, at least once in a week, sometimes more than that, but we love it. This curry goes well with Idli, […]

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Roasted Makhana (Fox nuts)

Roasted Makhana (Fox nuts, Phool makhana, Lotus seeds)

Roasted Makhana – Makhana is roasted in ghee and spices. Makhana is known by many names. Lotus seeds, Fox nut, Phool makhana, etc., You can easily find these in the grocery stores. Few people consume this during fasting time. But makhana can be a great snack to munch something in the evening tea time. It’ […]

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