Cucumber and Peanut Salad

Cucumber and Peanut Salad Recipe

Cucumber and Peanut Salad Recipe – It’s a Maharashtrian salad recipe with full of bursting flavors. As we all know salads are very healthy and filling, But sometimes people (including […]

Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe

Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe

Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe – This one is the most simple and quick recipe and it tastes awesome. One battle which we all go through at some point is, “What […]

Egg less Coconut Cookies

Egg-less Coconut Cookies Recipe

Egg-less Coconut Cookies Recipe – The cookies are baked with desiccated coconut to add an extra flavor to melt in your mouth. These cookies are too yummy to handle. The extra […]

Egg less Honey Cake Recipe

Egg-less Honey Cake Recipe

Egg-less Honey Cake Recipe – Bakery style honey cake without egg. This cake is one of my favorites in school and college days, Most people in my friends circle used to […]

Paneer Tikka Recipe

Paneer Tikka Recipe | Dry Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka Recipe – Paneer and other veggies are marinated in yogurt and spice mixture then later grilled. I love paneer in any form, this one is very special, Paneer […]

Capsicum and Garlic Fried Rice

Capsicum and Garlic Fried Rice Recipe

Capsicum and Garlic Fried Rice Recipe – This aromatic and flavorful fried rice is perfect for lunch box. I started liking Capsicums a lot nowadays, It’s so colorful, yummy and […]

Uppu Seedai Recipe

Uppu Seedai Recipe (Crispy Rice flour Balls)

Uppu Seedai Recipe – It’s a traditional recipe prepared on special occasions like Janamashtami or Gokulashtami for Lord Krishna. Some people call it as Cheedai also, It depends on the region. This […]

Green Peas Paratha Recipe

Green Peas Paratha Recipe | Matar Paratha

Green peas paratha recipe – very nutritious, crunchy and yummy paratha. Green peas are so versatile, it can be combined with any other vegetable for curries, stir fries and parathas. […]

Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe

Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe

Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe – Super soft and moist cake with beautiful zebra pattern. First, I must say thanks to Poonam for the wonderful recipe of how to […]

Dry fruits Ladoos Recipe

Dry fruits Ladoo Recipe

Dry Fruits Ladoos are a great choice for a dessert or a snack for the sweet tooth. It’s perfect for the festive season as well. I kind of developed a habit […]