How to make homemade Butter and Ghee from Milk Cream

How to make homemade Butter and Ghee from Milk Cream

How to make homemade Butter and Ghee from Milk Cream – Ghee is clarified butter, which we commonly use in our Indian Cuisine. Making Butter and Ghee at home is simple and easy, the process and workload might look a lot, but its all worth it.

Homemade butter and ghee is gluten-free. Butter is made from the organic milk cream at home, which is free from gluten content. However, make sure not to contaminate this with any other gluten products. A protein called casein is available in milk products. People who can’t handle gluten must make sure they are not intolerant for casein as well, otherwise, they need to check with professionals before including butter in their diet.

Homemade Butter and Ghee
Homemade Butter and Ghee
Homemade Butter and Ghee
Homemade Butter and Ghee

I used Organic A2 milk in this process, you can any other full cream milk as well to collect the cream.

I collected the milk cream for more than a week and I almost gathered more than 500 gms of milk cream and I made 180 ml of ghee out of it.

Milk cream is nothing but, every time you boil milk, there will be a layer of cream that stands on top of the milk. Gently remove that and store it in a container. Keep the collected milk cream in a refrigerator.

Ghee is very good for health.

  • They help with our gut health, heart, skin, bone, teeth, etc., especially our immune system
  • It holds a lot of good Vitamins and Fat. People are planning to go on a diet, you must not skip ghee. Since it holds good fat which is very important for your health.

There are few tips that would help you to take the butter out of the cream neatly and you can make ghee out of it.

I used juice blender for this process, Have some ice cubes ready at hand. I use ice cubes during the blending process and also to collect butter.

Once you collect the butter. You can find the blender to be very greasy and buttery. Do not scrub just like that to clean, it would make a mess. Add some hot water and salt to the blender, fill it up and wait for a few more mins, this would help to remove the grease. After 10 to 15 mins, it will be easy to clean.

Now let’s see the step by step process of making homemade ghee,

First thing is to collect the milk cream, I collected it for almost 1o days,

Now take the blender, add the cream, and some ice cubes as well. Blend for a min. Everything would mix well and it becomes like the below picture.

Now add few more ice cubes or cold water. Blend for few more mins, then it would become like a thick cream like below.

Add a little more cold water, continue blending, you can see it from outside, the butter starts to form on the top. Blend well until you see the butter on top. The butter will look like a light yellow frothy cream-like texture.

Now keep a bowl of ice-cold water ready.

Now take the butter squeeze it in your palm, and drop it in ice-cold water.

Once you gather all the butter from the blender. Now collect the butter together from the bowl, gently squeeze and remove the water and make a small ball out of it.

Now add this butterball to the pan and start cooking in a low flame.

Now the butter will start melting.

In between, it will form a foam on top, gently mix it and continue cooking on low flame.

Slowly after a few mins, the butter will get clear, and the impurities or the waste will come together and it will change color.

By the time, you turn off the stove make sure the ghee is clear, sometimes overcooking might burn it and the color of the ghee would become very dark. So keep an eye on it. Now use a cotton or muslin cloth to filter the ghee in a bowl.

Once you pour the ghee on the cloth, the waste would remain on the cloth and the ghee would have strained in a bowl.

Now you can remove the cloth and squeeze the extra ghee out of it and store the ghee in a container.

Perfect aromatic homemade ghee is ready. Store it in the refrigerator, if you are planning to use it for a long time, otherwise, you can keep it at room temperature.

Homemade Butter and Ghee
Homemade Butter and Ghee

Happy Cooking 🙂

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11 thoughts on “How to make homemade Butter and Ghee from Milk Cream

  1. I remember making ghee from milk cream ever so often when we use to get full fat milk. Nowadays getting full fat milk where I live is difficult to get. Love how homemade ghee tastes so good and different from the ready made one.

  2. I have seen my mother and grandmother preparing ghee and know how aromatic it is… Homemade ghee is always the best and pure… Very well explained

  3. Homemade ghee is always the best. I too make homemade ghee exactly the same way. Only addition is when the butter starts becoming ghee, we add either curry leaves or moringa leaves for the flavour. Lovely writeup.

  4. Even I make ghee at home . Making butter and ghee at home is still a ritual at my moms place.I still make ghee at home . Love the aroma of fresh ghee. Lovely post .

  5. I have seen my grandparents and my mother preparing ghee and white butter at home. We use madani they never used grinder for churn the cream, the smell of making ghee is not good but but the outcome will be very perfect and know how homemade ghee aromatic it is. We ate this white butter with stuffed parathas, very famous butter in Punjab. You have explained it so well malini, with all details.

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