Muskmelon Shake | Muskmelon Milk Shake

Muskmelon Milkshake | Muskmelon shake

Bevarages Milk Milkshakes Muskmelon

Muskmelon Milkshake – Super delicious and refreshing drink, all we need is a few ingredients for that. I used a cup of milk and a little bit of brown sugar. Saffron is just for topping, you can add some nuts as well.

Muskmelon Shake | Muskmelon Milk Shake
Muskmelon Shake | Muskmelon Milk Shake

When the summer heat beats our body. We need to cool it off. The best way would be to consume lots of fruits and water. Our mother nature is already providing this beautiful and yummy fruit. It’s widely available in India during the summer. It’s loaded with vitamins, especially it’s rich in Vitamin C. So if you get a hands-on this fruit, try this shake without fail.

Muskmelon Fruit
Muskmelon Fruit


  • Muskmelon fruit – half portion (yields for 2 servings)
  • Milk – 1 cup (200 ml)
  • Brown Sugar – 1 to 2 tbsp (alternate with dates syrup or honey for more healthy option)


  1. Make sure the fruit is ripe, before cutting the fruit.
  2. Remove the seeds and scoop the flesh with a spoon. Add it to a blender.
  3. Add milk and sugar as well. Blend well until it is smooth.
  4. Add ice cubes if necessary. Serve with some nice toppings and enjoy your sunny day!
Muskmelon Shake | Muskmelon Milk Shake
Muskmelon Shake | Muskmelon Milk Shake

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