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Dry fruits Ladoo Recipe

Dry Fruits Ladoos are a great choice for a dessert or a snack for the sweet tooth. It’s perfect for the festive season as well. I kind of developed a habit of having some sweets after my meal regularly, especially for lunch. I don’t get the sanctification, if I don’t have a dessert to end. This ladoo works heavenly for me, I can gobble without any guilt.

No sugar added yet it’s very delicious and healthy. It’s very simple and easy to make. I have used very common dry fruits here. Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, Raisins and Dessert Dates.

Dry fruits Ladoos Recipe

Dry fruits Ladoos Recipe


  1. Almonds – 50g
  2. Pistachios – 50g
  3. Cashews – 50g
  4. Raisins – 50g
  5. Dates – 50g
  6. Butter – 1 tbsp.


Get the ingredients ready, Chop the almonds, cashews,  pistachios into pieces, so it would be easy to grind.

Remove the seeds from dates and keep it aside.

Add butter in a wide pan.

Add all the ingredients except dates. Roast it for few mins, until the nice aroma starts to spread around you.

Leave it to get cool, Then add the roasted dry fruits and dates into a dry mixer grinder.

Don’t crush too much, smash little like the picture below,

Make a small size ladoo out of the smashed dry fruits with your palm.

Dry fruits Ladoos Recipe

Dry fruits Ladoos Recipe

Yummy and healthy dry fruits are ready to eat. Store the ladoos in an airtight container.

Happy Cooking 🙂



  1. The variety of ladoos in Indian cuisine is seriously amazing! I LOVE these dry fruit ladoos idea because no flour and sugar added. These are like energy bars/balls – delicious and healthy.

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  2. Really these are the best laddus in the world. sugarless with all dry fruits make them filling, loaded with nutrients and a perfect snack. Great post in the blog. I am trying to make more combination with dates now a days.

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