How Drawing helps to improve your Mental Health

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Life is so busy, Everyone around us, including myself, is constantly chasing something, like dreams, work, money, material things, peace, love, people, happiness, acceptance and many more. People say “Stop Chasing, see what you have and focus on what you really need, be satisfied for what you have got and be grateful“. It’s nice to listen or read for a moment. But then mind actually goes back again and start chasing.

People suffer more in imagination than reality. I personally found myself worried about so many things, that I imagine, it might happen like that or this. Sometimes I even realized, “Oh my god! what is wrong with me, It may not happen like that, Why am I worried unnecessarily“.

So no matter what we do, sometimes we need to face these negative things, stress and mental health issues. We just need to be strong and find some ways to fight with that. For me exploring new things would help in such cases. When I explore, I have to put my concentration and effort in one place, that would avoid other distractions. Recently I started to draw and experimenting my drawing skills. I must admit that it is really relaxing, leaving my mind free and calm. It gives you a break from usual thoughts and helps you to be more creative.

There is a myth going around that art or drawing is not for everyone, people need to be born with certain talent and creativity. I should say “Art or Drawing is not a perfect picture, It’s an expression of what you think and feel“, so anyone can do it.

It really helps you to relieve from mental stress, improves your focus, creativity and brain activity. Drawing is open to everyone and for all ages. So go ahead and put your feelings on paper and have fun with colours.

Some of my drawings are,

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        1. That’s great Kiran. Exactly 10 years before I was in 3rd year engineering. Nostalgic feeling 🙂 It’s the best time of your life Kiran. Have fun and its always a pleasure to connect with you.

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