Kerala – Wayanad (God’s Own Country)


We (me and my friends) planned for a trip. One of my friends took an in charge and found an amazing place to visit. That is “Wayanad“. I must say it’s really a “God’s own Country“. Such a beautiful place for trekking, fun adventure, team building activities and camping. We went for a weekend (2 days). I must agree that 2 days wasn’t enough for us. We actually went trekking to 4 different places. OMG. I never walked so much in my life before. I wondered how I did it and I am happy that I did it.

We booked in online, the package included everything like Home Stay, food, guide and a van to roam around. The Home stay was awesome. The place filled with lots of plants, flowers, bamboo plants and trees. It was totally worth it. People were very friendly and they served authentic Kerala food.

Entry to the Home Stay

Morning mist

Spotted some beautiful flowers.

The first day we took a trip to “The Pakshipatahalam Caves In Wayanad“. We trek to the caves and we went inside the caves. The rocks were so big and we had to walk and squeeze ourselves between the rocks. I never had such experience and I was scared in the beginning. But somehow I made it.

After that trek, we were so exhausted, we took lunch and went to another fun adventure. That is “Soochipara Falls“, it’s also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls. It’s around 20 mins drive from Meppadi. We are supposed to park the vehicle at the entrance and it takes 10-15 minutes walk to reach the waterfalls. The waterfall is around 200 meters and it was wonderful. People were allowed to stand where the water flows.

The second day, we started in the early morning and we first visited the Wildlife Sanctuary of Wayanad. We took tickets for Safari in the counter. The sanctuary is quite big and they separated with north and south. It was actually a trip inside the forest. We were told that we might encounter some deer, elephant, tiger and other animals. But we could only see very few animals like elephant, very far view of deer and peacock. It was slightly disappointing. But we enjoyed the nature.

After breakfast, we took an interesting adventure trip to “Chembra peak“. It is the tallest peak in Wayanad and perfect for trekking. There is a heart shaped lake on the way to the top of the peak, which is believed to have never dried up. You have to take prior permission from the Meppady forest office before going for a trek at Chembra Peak. You can have group treks accompanied by a guide. It will take at least three hours to reach the top point. The beauty and view of this lake are absolutely breathtaking.

At the end of the day, we had a small camping near the estate. It was wonderful. The view of the tea estates was amazing.

Those two days were amazing. Worth spending time over there with families and friends. One of the most very refreshing trips I had.

Happy and keep travelling 🙂

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