DIY – Paint your plain Mug and enjoy the beauty in every sip.

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My Husband got a gift from his friend. It’s a coffee mug. He doesn’t drink coffee or tea, so he gave it to me. It was the plain yellow color. When I saw the mug, I realized the differences of tastes between Male and Female.

I don’t think a girl would give another girl a plain yellow coffee mug as gift unless there is a reason behind it. So my girlish mind started to wonder how can I change this coffee mug to colorful one, so that I can enjoy the beauty with every sip of coffee.

Tada, I got an idea. I had this acrylic colours paint kit. I wanted to make a floral design on that mug with this paint.


So initially IΒ tried to make a rough sketch on the mug with pencil.


Later I started to imitate that with paint. Wow. I turned out beautiful. Though there were some finishing issues. But I loved it, because I did it by myself and it makes me happy.




So if you have something which is very plain at home. Try to do some painting like this by yourself, I am sure you would enjoy the end result.

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