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Live Your Life – Live the Present. ❤

I feel like New Year has been celebrated just a few days before.
But it’s been already a month ’31 days’.

Days are passing quickly. Time doesn’t wait for anyone.
Something inside me is scared and at the same time, it’s happy.
I changed a lot, I could see the difference in me. I think it’s a healthy change.
I have chosen the right path. I know that I will not regret it.
I hope this year would bring happiness to everyone.

I have been realizing a few things from the past few days. I think every human life should realize this.

There is a reason behind every sense and touch.
We can’t change the Fate but we can try and
Find the one last door which is waiting for us to Open.
We suffer a lot in Imagination than Reality,
So stop imagining those and focus on the Present.

Be Yourself, Accept and Value who you are.
Be Polite, Humble and spread the Kindness.
Learn from others, there is always something New.
Every Mistake teaches you how not to Repeat that.
When you have time, Realize and Confess it
Better Late than Never.

Don’t be Greedy and Needy always.
If it’s meant for you, it will come anyway.
Value Human life and be
Grateful for what you have and Help others.
Don’t Take Everything for granted.

If you have someone besides you
When you are Down, it means you are Blessed.
Value and Respect others Opinion.

Stay Happy and Healthy. ❤️

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