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When I was in Helsinki, I and my friends decided to get away for a weekend and experience the cruise. Since we were working on Naval Architecture related software. I always wanted to see the cruise and experience how things are really working and how they were managing. I had a chance to visit the shipyard and crew members, I have seen Container and Bulker vessel but not a cruise. So I was very excited.

The Helsinki to Stockholm ferry route connects Finland with Sweden.  Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. The cruise was operated by three ferry companies at that time. We booked quite earlier like a month since there were some good offers going on with the ticket price.  We went to the Tallink Silja Line Cruise. I think from Helsinki it’s 400 km to the north of Stockholm in Sweden and it took around 17 Hrs of traveling. We started around 17:30 in Helsinki and arrived at 10:00 in Stockholm, next morning.

We chose the cabin, which had a sea view, We three people were there, so we booked 4 person cabin, The cabin was not very big, but it was comfortable. We had a very good time. The main important thing, we didn’t get seasickness. It was awesomely smooth traveling.

On Deck
On Deck
Super Structure of the cruise
Super Structure of the cruise
Life Boats at the side
Life Boats at the side
Side view where the life boats are there
Side view where the lifeboats are there
The Hall way for Cabins
The Hallway for Cabins

We went in the winter, so the city was covered in snow a little bit and luckily we had a bit of sun on that day. We took the map and we roamed around there. We went to the old town known as Gamla Stan, we can see the history of Sweden over there.

Gamla Stan is packed with interesting historical sights and museums. Nearby is one of the oldest buildings in Gamla Stan, the Storkyrkan (Great Church).

German Church, this area was dominated by German merchants for centuries, where visitors are greeted with German inscriptions.

The crowded shopping street with plenty of souvenir shops.

There are several more interesting squares in Gamla Stan, and each has its own charm.

There are lots of interesting places in Stockholm and we had a great trip. If you get a chance never miss it 🙂

Happy Travelling 🙂

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