Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet – Go back to your ancestors days !!


This is my 50th post, Wow. I came so far within 3 months. I am so happy and I thank everyone for your wonderful support.

50th Post
50th Post

Since I am a big foodie, I would like to write something special on this post. It’ nothing but a “Paleo Diet“.

We all sometimes worry when we hear the word Diet, But this is not just merely a diet where you can reduce the weight and stay fit, This is something more than that. This is about how human genetics accepts the food and makes the body more energized and helps to stay healthy.

We have to go completely back to the way our ancestors used to eat. They consumed only what they were able to reach like Meat, fish, leafy greens and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Nowadays we worry a lot about the Calories we consume and we restrict ourselves to the particular column of food items. But the truth is we never know exactly how much we are consuming, the nutritional tables would give only the approximate value. We can’t keep counting whatever we eat every time. So just kick those things out. Understand what your body needs and what you need to take.

The Paleo Diet almost completely removes sugar from your intake. The sugar which we get from the fruits is exceptional. This is very simple. “No Sugar, No grains and no processed foods“. Which means, we should eat only Meat, Fish, Eggs (Omega-3 enriched eggs), Vegetables (As long as they’re not deep-fried), Oils – (Olive oil, Coconut oil), Fruits and Nuts. Because these foods are very nutritious and filling, it’s impossible to consume too much and naturally, your weight will be under control.

I recently got a document compiled by Biochemistry Doctorate about the Paleo Diet based on height,

Paleo Diet - Chart 1
Paleo Diet – Chart 1
Paleo Diet - Chart 2
Paleo Diet – Chart 2
Paleo Diet - Chart 3
Paleo Diet – Chart 3
Paleo Diet - Chart 4
Paleo Diet – Chart 4
Paleo Diet - Chart 5
Paleo Diet – Chart 5
Paleo Diet - Chart 6
Paleo Diet – Chart 6
Paleo Diet - Chart 7
Paleo Diet – Chart 7
Paleo Diet - Chart 8
Paleo Diet – Chart 8
Paleo Diet - Chart 9
Paleo Diet – Chart 9

Stay Healthy and Happy 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Paleo Diet – Go back to your ancestors days !!

  1. Malini good write up. Do you follow PALEO diet. I heard about this few days back and yes it is a good way to stay healthy but it will be one hard when you go on holidays then again your weight will shoot up. I have seen my friend losing weight by following this diet. Interesting part is how long could you stay away from rice, chapathi, dosa and idly ??? 😉😳😊

    1. It’s really hard for me to follow Meena. Even if I go, one week to my Mom’s place. I feel like I have gained a lot. My brother in law suggested me this diet. He seemed to follow and he found it’s very good. He is a Vegan. He suggested me those charts and asked me to chalk down over here. Some might be interested.

      And yes, I can’t live without Rice, Chapati, dosa and Idly for not even for more than two days 🙁

          1. 😂😂. Ok. Oops understood it wrongly. But the love for ourselves and the desire to get in shape will give the encouragement and motivation to do it regularly. Do some exercise everyday. Helps a lot. Or chose a sport like badminton, play it regularly. We can see a change in us.

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