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Recycling – Old Pot into New Fish Keeping Pot

I made a colorful fish Pot for my gold fish, out of old used glass pot.

Old pot transformed into Beautiful fish pot

Old pot transformed into Beautiful fish pot

Generally we get the bowl or tank from the market while getting fish. It’s OK when we have large number of fish or if we maintain an aquarium. But if we do have an old pot or a jar or a bowl. If it’s wide enough to handle the fish and if it holds more than 5 liters of water, we can easily make a beautiful place for one or two fish by ourselves.

To make this, you just need a Fevicryl acrylic colours kit and a brush.

Fevicryl (Acrylic Colours)

Fevicryl (Acrylic Colours)

If you are good at painting, you can start directly paint on the bowl or else sketch some designs on paper and imitate that on the bowl.

Painted Bowl for Fish

Painted Bowl for Fish

Rather keeping a plain bowl. Painted bowl looks more bright and cool.

Happy Fish Keeping 🙂



    • oh ok, Yeah, I heard from my friends too, some species of fish wouldn’t like to share space with other species, I got to know Gold fishes, Molly’s and Swordtails (If I remember correctly) are best for beginners to maintain a small aquarium at home. They only need simple care. Molly’s and Gold fishes last for about a year at least if properly cared. I understand your concern, May be you should try getting some expert advice and take some precaution for that fish. If it’s growing too fast, then you need to come to a decision to keep it or not. Don’t take it too close to your heart, The bigger ones would survive better at bigger place I think.

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  1. I have a fish tank too …with an unidentified species of fresh water fish ..initially there were golden fish and that two nos of unidentified species of fish …they killed all the goldfish and then latter the bigger one of the unidentified species killed the other one of the same species this was the story two-three years ago …now there is only one fish in our tank …the bigger one which is about 15 cm long …it does not tolerate other types of fish too instantly kills them…however it requires only simple fish food and water tank need not be cleaned frequently. ..the fish being big it has developed big teeth I fear that it will bite if I try to catch it …morever the net has become too small to catch it …I just replace the water keeping the old water in about 10%…this fish has grown up too old and the vastushastra expert had told it to dispose it off in a big river or a well …but I don’t wish to do so


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