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Fruits and Nuts with Greek yogurt snack bowl

After a hard day of work, I would be very hungry and I always wanted my evening snack to be a combination of sweet, spice and crunchy. So many days when I get bored of eating fruits I ended up eating lots of junk food. I felt guilty of consuming fatty foods and somehow I want to avoid this.

After trying out a few different combinations, I found one super duper filling snack which is healthy and tasty. I took fruits (apple, pomegranate), nuts (almonds, pistachios), Dates, plums and mixed everything in a bowl and added Greek yogurt on top of that.

Trust me, It’s really awesome and it fills the stomach like anything due to high protein. Now I feel better than ever. 🙂

Fruits and Nuts Bowl

Fruits and Nuts Bowl

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy 🙂



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