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Best out of waste – Flower vase

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We talk about this a lot nowadays, how to reuse or recycle the used product.

I consider or see this concept in two ways. One way we are creating an environmental awareness about recycling the wasted or used product and the other way is to spend quality time on creating a new product from the old one where it actually makes us think a lot and brings out our creativity.

I read in one article, I am not sure about the author’s name, but what that person said about creativity got stuck in my mind and I felt it’s true.


It starts right from the babies. We don’t teach babies how to be creative. They do it by themselves. They touch things, they sense it, they feel it and they explore and find a way to play with that. That’s how creativity born. It’s there in everybody, the only thing is we need to find out and use it in an effective way.

I am here to show you the used old product which I transformed into a new beautiful product.

Flower Vase
Flower Vase

Flower Vase

I made a flower vase out of used small coke bottles. This one is very easy and anyone could give a try.

  1. Take the coke bottle and mark the middle portion.
  2. Use a knife or scissors to poke at one point of the bottle and then make a straight and even cuts all the way around the bottle.
  3. Now we have the bottom part of the bottle cut and ready to make a beautiful vase.
  4. Now take a paper and draw two small circles evenly, cut it and paint like an eye.
  5. Stick it on the bottle with even spaces, so that it looks like an eye.
  6. Take the coke bottle cap and stick in between the circles and make it look like a nose or mouth, whatever you feel like.
  7. If you feel like making it more fun and beautiful, using acrylic colors we can even paint the bottle.

The beautiful vase is ready 🙂

Flower Vase
Flower Vase

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