Dreams.. It makes your life beautiful

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What a nice thing in our life..

Everyone has tons of dreams about their life.. It might be crazy too.. It might not become a reality.. But it makes sense to them and brings them happiness…

When you are away from your mom.. U dream about her making your favorite food with endless warmth of love..

When you are away from your sis.. U dream about her the way you fight with her..

When you are away from your true friend.. U dream about him/her making fun out of you and laughing at you..

When you are away from your true love.. U dream about him/her to hold your hand and say i ll be always there for you always..

Dreams are lovely and beautiful. So keep Dreaming 🙂

11 thoughts on “Dreams.. It makes your life beautiful

  1. Dreams dreams dreams
    They give us happiness
    When they become true
    Leave us in despair and disappointment
    When they are shattered
    Yet we continue to dream
    Is life possible?
    Whitout dreams

    Excellent expression. ..Malini Di …loved it

      1. Good evening Malini Di..

        Humming the praise of Him
        As I light the diya(oil lamp)
        With the fragrance of agarbatti
        My hands folded
        Eyes closed
        I pray for well bieng and happiness
        For all my friends
        And dear ones

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