Calories !! – Part 1


Do you know about Calories. If not, consider this !!

Calories !! We all see about this and its breakdown in all packaged food and beverage products. In the beginning I used to wonder, what it is and how many of us really check and consider this. I would like to share some info about Calories and amount of Calories in our food what we take everyday especially Indian foods.

Calories are nothing but unit of energy. We take Calories in the form of food and drink. To do our physical task everyday we need energy, so ultimately we need some amount of Calories everyday in our intake.

  1. 1 gm of Carbohydrate – 4 Calories.
  2. 1 gm of Protein – 4 Calories.
  3. 1 gm of Fat – 9 Calories.

The united nation, says an adult should consume 1800 Calories a day.

Water is an important substance to boost your metabolism and stay well hydrated. It has zero Calories. A study proven that drinking 2 liters of water could burn approximately 100 Calories.

I am basically from South India, so our breakfast, lunch and dinner is usually a big spread. We consume lots of oily food and carbohydrates because our ancestors and family members used to that kind of habits and it’s still continuing in our present family as well. After I got to know the amount of Calories I was consuming everyday. I was literally shocked. So many of us still not aware about this.

Everyday healthy drinks
Everyday healthy drinks
Drinks Calories Carbohydrates Protein Fat
Coffee with milk and sugar (180 ml) 30 7.14g 0.31g 0.14g
Black Coffee (brewed from grounds) (180 ml) 2 0g 0.28g 0.05g
Tea with milk and sugar (180 ml) 30 4.97g 0.93g 0.82g
Tea freshly brewed (180 ml) 2 0.71g 0g 0g
100% Natural Green tea 0 0g 0g 0g
1 Cup of whole milk 150 12g 8g 8g
1 Cup of reduced fat (2%) milk 130 12g 8g 5g
1 Cup of reduced fat (1%) milk 110 12g 8g 2.5g
1 Cup of nonfat skim milk 90 12g 8g 0g
1 Cup of Apple juice 117 28.97g 0.15g 0.27g
1 Cup of Orange juice 112 25.79g 1.74g 0.5g
1 Cup of Grape juice 154 37.85g 1.42g 0.2g
1 Cup of Mango juice 140 35g 0g 0g
1 Cup of Pineapple juice 132 32.18g 0.9g 0.3g
1 Cup of Pomegranate juice 154 38.94g 2.15g 0.68g
1 Cup of Lemon juice 61 21.06g 0.93g 0g
1 Cup of Sapota (chikku) milk shake 220 24g 5g 5g

Note: All Calories and breakdown information are gathered from different web pages and it’s an approximate value.

In Part 2 post, I will come up with other solid and liquid foods. Stay in touch.

Eat healthy and Live happily 🙂

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  1. Oh yeah. I totally agree with this. BTW, a tip for people who are dieting chew fennel seeds, at least 3-4 TBSP. It is because they really make you smart. You can check my blog for a detailed post.

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