Broccoli and Potato Stir Fry
Broccoli Potato Side Dishes

Broccoli and Potato stir fry Recipe

Broccoli and Potato stir fry Recipe – It’s an interesting combination of potatoes and broccoli. Potatoes go well with lots of other vegetables when it comes to fry. This recipe is very easy and it takes hardly 20 – 25 mins with simple ingredients. This could be a great side dish for lunch with rice and sambar.

The Nutritional breakdown of Broccoli and potato fry per serving (100 g),

  1. Carbohydrates – *21 g
  2. Protein – *3 g
  3. Fat – *6 g
  4. Dietary Fiber – *3 g

150 Calories, ‘*’ represents it’s an approximate value.

Broccoli and Potato Stir Fry
Broccoli and Potato Stir Fry


  1. Broccoli – 1 cup
  2. Potatoes – 1 cup
  3. Onion – 1 medium-sized (finely chopped)
  4. Garlic – 5 to 6 cloves
  5. Curry and Coriander leaves – few
  6. Salt, turmeric and chili powder – 1 tbsp
  7. Oil – 2 tbsp.
  8. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp.


First of all, we need to boil broccoli and potatoes with a bit of salt. Potatoes shouldn’t boil too much.

Once it is done, transfer it to a vessel, Take a wide pan, add oil into that, once oil gets heated add cumin seeds into that.

After a few seconds, add garlic into that, saute well for few mins.

Now add onions into that, saute well, until the onion turns into golden brown color.

Add salt, turmeric and chili powder into that, stir everything well.

When everything blends well, add potatoes and broccoli into that, mix everything well in medium flame.

Once it gets cooked. Transfer into a bowl and garnish with coriander leaves.

Broccoli and Potato Stir Fry
Broccoli and Potato Stir Fry

Yummy broccoli and potato fry are ready to serve.

Happy Cooking 🙂

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