How to Solve 3D Puzzle – Rubik’s Cube Algorithm


Naming conventions:

  1. Upper Layer – U
  2. Down layer – D
  3. Left layer – L
  4. Right Layer – R
  5. Layer towards you – F (face)
  6. Clockwise rotation – U, D, L, R, F
  7. Anti-clock wise rotation – UI, DI, RI, LI, FI.




“One important note is Opposite of Orange is always red, Opposite of blue is always Green and Opposite of yellow is always white”.

First Layer:

There are no rules just try to take one face and make a plus with other side same color.

Once the plus sign formed on the upper layer of the cube, the other side first layer middle cube and second layer middle cube color should be same.

1st-layer-1-1Now the corners of the first layer has to be considered, check the corners and arrange it, so that first layer of 5 sides should form properly with same color.


Second Layer:

There are two algorithm which needs to be considered for second Layer.

First turn the cube and keep the arranged part down and take messed up part as up.

second_layer_1Find out the color which is not related to that layer and arrange it to the proper side. And see whether it has to go right side or left side. If it has to be right side then use this algorithm,


U, R, UI, RI, UI, FI, U, F

If the cube has to go left side, then use the following algorithm,


UI, LI, U, L, U, F, UI, FI

Now repeat these two algorithms to get all the cubes in proper place for 2nd layer. Finally down and 2nd layer should be proper.

Third Layer:

Now complicated layer has come, Concentrate and follow the steps.

Take your messed part of the cube, it is nothing but your upper layer what you are holding now.

See the upper layer has any combination like this ‘L’ or ‘—‘ or ‘+’ (This combination should consider the middle part of the upper layer)


If you have the first ‘L’ shape then you need to repeat the following algorithm two times or if ‘—‘ is already there, then repeat only once and if ‘+’ is already there, then no need to continue with this algorithm, go to next step.


F, R, U, RI, UI, FI

The next step is to find out the fixed plus sign on other 4 sides. Definitely at least two sides should have got fixed with ‘+’ sign.
Find out the two fixed plus sign side and make one as opposite of you and other one as right side of you.
Now it’s time to fix all the side with plus sign, follow the algorithm
R, U, RI, U, R, U, U, RI.
Now the down layer and second layer is proper with all sides and the upper layer all middle cubes are in proper place. Now the corners has to be placed properly.
Now choose the place where the corner pieces are almost places properly and use the following algorithm (maximum 2 times), to make all the corners pieces to get in proper side.
U, R, UI, LI, U, RI, UI, L
Fix the piece which is facing towards you and keep the corner right side of you. Repeat the algorithm until it get fix for all corners,
RI, DI, R, D
Now when all the sides are fixed, we get a cube like this,

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