Naivedyam (offering to God)

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What is Naivedyam and why do we offer to God.

India is known for diversity and culture. Different religious people live in India. In Hinduism, when we pray god on some auspicious day, we offer some food as naivedyam to god.

Naivedyam could be in any form not only cooked food. Even water, flower, fruits and vegetables also considered as naivedyam.

While preparing for the naivedyam tasting the food is forbidden to maintain it’s purity. By offering we thank God for what ever we have today in our life.

For different festivals. there are some particular food is offered to God  as naivedyam. I will compile and write about that in coming blogs. According to Bhagavadham, our thoughts and feelings are provoked by the food we take.

Nowadays almost all women are working and hardly they get holidays and time to do every spiritual thing. According to their convenience the naivedyam could be made.

I tried some simple 4 varieties of naivedyam for saraswathi pooja. It’s  simple to make and not very time consuming.

  1. Sweet pongal  (Sarkarai Pongal)
  2. Sundal  (Channa)
  3. Moong Dal Kheer (Pasi paruppu payasam)
  4. Urad dal vada ( Ulundu vadai)

Stay blessed and have a happy pooja to all 😊

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2 thoughts on “Naivedyam (offering to God)

    1. Hello Revathy!

      Thank you for stopping by my post. I got this information from my mom. According to her, on auspicious day, when people do fasting, they consider Pasi Paruppu Payasam (Moong Dal Payasam) as Prasadham. But there is no relative information for why Semiya Payasam is not considered as Naivedyam. I will let you know when I get the info.

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