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Macaroni and Broccoli

Macaroni and Broccoli Recipe – Breakfast & Dinner

Pasta is a high Calorie food. But once in a while, treating yourself with Macaroni and Broccoli sauteed with Garlic would make your evening dinner better than any other food.

This recipe is very simple. Just four ingredients and cooking time is 15-20 mins. You might find different varieties of macaroni in the market. I have used 100% hard wheat semolina macaroni to prepare this recipe.

Nutrition break down of Semolina Macaroni 100g,

  1.  Carbohydrate – *75g
  2. Protein – *13g
  3. Fat – *1.5g

It holds 371 Calories. ‘*’ represents it’s an approximate value.

Broccoli and Macaroni

Broccoli and Macaroni


  1. Macaroni – 100g
  2. Broccoli – 1 cup
  3. Olive oil – 3 tbsps.
  4. Garlic – 5 to 6 cloves. (Chopped finely)
  5. Salt & Pepper – required level
  6. Pasta dressing sauce – 2 tbsps. (Optional)


Get the ingredients ready.


First step is to boil macaroni and broccoli for few mins. The time for boiling depends on the hardness of the macaroni. Test the macaroni, if it’s big and soft, it means it’s cooked.


Once it is cooked, drain the water, move the macaroni and broccoli to another vessel, If you like pasta dressing salad. Add one to two tablespoons of sauce and mix the pasta well.

Heat the pan, add olive oil and garlic, saute well. Once the garlic turns into golden brown color, add the pasta into that.


Now mix everything well. Add salt and pepper into that mixture. Stir well.


Once everything blends well. Transfer into a container and dress with bit of mint or coriander leaves.

Now yummy yummy pasta ready to be served. The serving amount of the mentioned ingredients is for 2 persons.

Broccoli and Macaroni

Broccoli and Macaroni

Happy Cooking 🙂

Try it out and post your comments 🙂



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