Thursday, October 17, 2019

Rangoli / Kolam Designs

Rangoli Designs

Margazhi Kolam or Rangoli Designs #2

Rangoli is part of my family. We put Rangoli everyday. Me and my cousin sisters, discuss about our designs, patterns and colours very often. It brings a great joy to us. I would like to share some of our Rangoli designs. My Sister and her friends Rangoli at her college traditional festival, They nailed it. […]

Rangoli Designs

Margazhi Kolam or Rangoli Designs #1

I explained about the facts and reasons in my previous article why Margazhi month Kolam or Rangoli is practiced as tradition in Tamil Nadu. In my family we follow this tradition every year. My Mother, sister and cousins made beautiful Rangoli or Kolams this year as well. I would like to share those designs with […]

Rangoli Designs

Margazhi Month Kolam – Spiritual and Scientific reasons behind that!

In Tamil Nadu, Margazhi Month comes in between December and January. It usually starts around Dec 16 and ends around Jan 15. Usually, in front of every home in Tamil Nadu during this month, women draw a Rangoli or Kolam, it could be in any form either geometrical figures or some other patterns. I was wondering, […]

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Significance of Pooja Items

Pooja Items and their Significance

Pooja is the common term for the Hindu ritual worship. There are different types in Pooja. One is Nitya pooja (Daily Pooja) and another one is Naimittika Pooja (Special Occasion Pooja). Most of the Hindus perform Nitya Pooja at home everyday. It is the simplest way to express our gratitude to the God for blessing us what […]

Are you a book lover, if not, why don’t you become ONE.

My Love for Books I have been reading books for quite some years, approx. it’s been 6 years. I read many novels from different genre like Fantasy fiction, Romantic fiction, Romantic Drama, Classic fiction, etc., I was never into reading until 2012. In the beginning of 2012, I started to read a book because I […]